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Workshop Offerings

Trans 101


Tns 101

Let's work together to make our community more accepting, inviting, and embracing, and for people of all genders.

Engaging, straightforward, educational workshops presented by a hard-of-hearing/Deaf & transgender person about their own communities. Each engagement is thoughtfully crafted to create a light, open safe space to learn. 

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Oliver is an exceptionally talented presenter--presenting complex content in an extremely practical way, with analogies that all people (and with little background in the subject area) could use to develop conceptual "bridges" to the experiences of nonbinary and transgender people's experiences.

Very welcoming and friendly which made the workshop feel more like a safe zone to challenge unconscious bias and exceptional presenter who truly is passionate about his work. The amount of detail put into not only his virtual slides presentation, but his word choice, and examples were exceptional… The transparency, honesty, and passion  was exceptional.

This was a powerful workshop in its clarity and candid contextualization of (the long and) recent history of gender ideologies/frameworks, their relationship to white supremacy, and how legacies of gender normativities impact language use and translation practices.


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Understanding social conditions as foundational, not additive, to health and wellness. 

In recent years, public health has seen remarkable scientific advances in understanding how social structures, institutions, and relationships influence wellbeing. Through this workshop, participants will re-envision how their identities, occupation, and social exposures affect holistic well-being. Based on the most current research in social epidemiology, this workshop offers a new perspective on how our our physical and mental health reflects the world we live in and what can be done about it to improve our health. 

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